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Discover all my secrets to improve in Hard Enduro

We’ve created a platform to teach you the best tricks and exercises to progress in Hard Enduro, no matter your skill level.

How does MR74 Academy work?

MR74 Academy is Mario Román’s Hard Enduro academy. Here, we want you to learn step by step, master all the tricks, and become a professional in Hard Enduro. But we also want you to have fun on the bike. In this video, we explain how MR74 Academy works, everything you’re going to learn, and the methodology we’ll follow to help you achieve your goals.

Discover all the content we have prepared

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Guaranteed Results!

“Listening to Mario Román’s advice has been very helpful for me to improve as a rider and learn to read the terrain better.”

“With MR’s advice, I have learned how to fatigue less on the bike.”

“In addition to the tips for improving on the bike, the nutrition and recovery advice has helped me tremendously.”

Mario Roman con un alumno en moto - Mario Roman Academy